Chlorine and PH meter for swimming pools and spas. 2 in 1. CDPPHCL

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Este medidor electrónico de Cloro y PH es una herramienta fundamental para el manteniendo de piscinas y cualquier otro depósito de agua destinado al uso humano. El medidor nos permite dosificar con precisión la concentración de Cloro en piscinas y ajustar el PH a los niveles óptimos para un correcto mantenimiento del agua.  Este instrumento es un complemento idóneo para optimizar el uso del Ionizador Solar CDP. Le ayudará a supervisar los niveles deseados de Cloro y PH.

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Chlorine and PH meter for swimming pools and spas. 2 in 1. CDPPHCL

This electronic chlorine and PH meter is a fundamental tool for the maintaining of swimming pools and any other water tank intended for human use. The meter allows you to accurately dose the concentration of Chlorine in pools and adjust the PH to the optimal levels for proper water maintenance.   This instrument is an ideal complement to optimize the use of the CDP Solar Ionizer. It will help you monitor the desired levels of Chlorine and PH.

The electronic chlorine and PH meter is a very accurate tool to keep your pool or spa in a safe PH range.  Avoid the use of chemicals or reagent strips, which are difficult to use and expensive, and save time and money.
Quickly check the PH, organic pollution and harmful substances in the water. The meter has a large easy-to-read display which shows the results of the test quickly and accurately.

It’s intuitive and portable. You can quickly check if the Chlorine and PH are in the correct range. It does not contaminate or need consumables as it is self-cleansing.

Technical specifications

  • Material: plastic
  • Power supply: 1 x batteries AA of 1,5 V (not included)
  • Main Unit: 190mm * 20mm
  • Handle probe: 150mm
  • Probe (only): 48mm
  • Cable (only): 300mm
  • Item weight: 161g / 5.7 ounces
  • Package size: 240*145*30mm / 9,5*5,7 * 1.2in
  • Package weight: 221g / 7.8 ounces

What the package includes

  • 1 Cl2 and PH Meter with probe
  • 1 Instruction manual
  • 1 Sandpaper to clean probes

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