Solar pool ionizer using silver and copper anode. CDPP02P

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The Solar Pool Ionizer is a highly efficient water disinfection and purification device that provides many benefits in comparison to other systems. Using a low-power solar power supply connected to a high-quality electrode composed of a SILVER and COBRE alloy, the ionizer acts as a drip ion generator that effectively eliminates the formation of microorganisms, viruses and bacteria, and captures harmful minerals such as calcium and iron. CDP’s pool ionizer will quickly transform water into a biologically healthy mineral medium resistant to algae and other harmful microorganisms by reducing the need to use chemical agents in a range of 80 to 95%. You won’t have to worry about harmful effects on eyes, hair and skin due to the production of high concentrations of chlorine and algicides.

Our solar water purifier is the only one that uses a premium quality mineral alloy made of silver and copper ensuring maximum disinfection efficiency, transparence and water quality. It is the most robust, compact and lightweight on the market disguising its presence in the pool.

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Solar pool ionizer using silver and copper anode. CDPP02P.

Our solar water purifier combines solar power generation through a process called ionization.

This process was first developed by NASA for use aboard the Apollo spacecraft, in order to purify the available water. By introducing atomic quantities of specific minerals into water, microorganisms such as algae and bacteria cannot survive. While these ions, or atoms, are completely safe and non-toxic to you, microscopic life forms cannot develop in these cases. Unlike chlorine, which loses power after only a few hours, mineral ions produced by the solar ionizer remain effective for weeks demonstrating its purifying effect in a few days.

Ionizador solar para piscinas por ánodo de plata y cobre

How the Solar Pool Ionizer works

While the solar purifier is floating in the water, the solar panel converts sunlight into electricity. This low-voltage electric current, which is completely harmless, powers a Silver and Copper mineral alloy electrode below the waterline. This causes the release of mineral ions into the surrounding water that easily expand throughout the pool. Once the water has reached an optimal level of ionization, it will efficiently prevent the growth of microorganisms without the need to use chemical agents. Some contaminants in your pool, such as dust, tanning lotion, body fluids, etc., are not affected by minerals. An accumulation of these substances tends to cloud the water and therefore requires a minimal amount of chlorine to dissolve them and keep the water crystal clear. It can reduce the level of chlorine by up to 90% with respect to the usual amount used, also providing significant economic savings in maintenance costs.


  • You can reduce chlorine consumption by 80-95% and in algicides by 100%.
  • Elimination of aggressive chemical agents in skin, eyes, hair, etc.
  • Eliminates harmful minerals such as calcium and iron by anode capture.
  • It will reduce electricity consumption by filtration hours from 40 to 70%, especially regarding saline strainers that require a long generation process.
  • The PH level will remain stable at optimal levels without variations like those produced by saline chlorinators or chemical pills.
  • Eliminating calcium and iron in water.
  • If you use a saline chlorinator you will not have to handle heavy sacks of salt that also deteriorate 100% of the metal components of your pool machinery.

Ionizador solar para piscinas por ánodo de plata y cobre

Safe, effective and economical

The CDP SOLAR POOL IONIZER is completely safe and non-toxic, there is no risk of electric shock. Swimming with the unit in the water is perfectly safe, and the unit will remove irritations, odors and bleaching associated with chlorine. Water ionized with the CDP solar water purifier is subject to the established standards for drinking water by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), thus avoiding highly toxic chemical levels. In addition, water remains clean and stable for long periods of time because the minerals, unlike other chemicals, do not evaporate.

Unlike chlorine, hot summer conditions do not degrade Ion. On the contrary, the hotter it is, the better it works. Our CDP POOL IONIZER is extremely economical in the way it operates and works. The only part that requires replacement is the mineral electrode, which will last approximately 1 to 2 years and its replacement is very simple and cost effective.

The solar ionizer will allow you to reduce chlorine consumption by up to 90%. You’ll also enjoy swimming in natural chemical-free water.

The CDP-Solar water purifier is the only purifier that, in addition to generating beneficial mineral ions, collects undesirable minerals such as calcium and iron. This has the effect of softening the water making it healthier. The mineral electrode is designed to erode slowly, and in the process will form an accumulation of inlays that will require occasional cleaning (every 15 days on average). Each device has this size to cover up to 150m3 of water (32,000 Gallons). View test report data:

Ionizador solar para piscinas por ánodo de plata y cobre

Use process

    • Step 1. Make sure the pool conditions are optimal
    • Step 2. Introduce the solar pool ionizer
    • Step 3. Make sure the solar ionizer is floating in the pool and is exposed at least 4 hours to direct sunlight
    • Step 4. After 12 hours, activate the pool filtration system. After 24 hours, check if everything works according to specifications
    • Steps 5-6. Remove every 15 days and clean the electrode with the included brush. Check the copper level weekly. If the 0.9 ppm level is exceeded, remove it from the pool and put it back in the pool when it again reaches a value of less than 0.4 ppm.

When the pool has been used, it is necessary to maintain the ionizer in the water permanently during both day and night. You should and monitor the copper levels in the water weekly with the tests provided.

Technical details

  • Type of monocrystalline solar panel coated with tempered glass with diameter of 200mm
  • Panel power: 2.00 Watts
  • Electrode: Silver and copper alloy anode weighing 0.24kg
  • Premium stainless steel coil spring
  • External PE case with UV resistance
  • Coil material: stainless steel permanent fastening
  • Capacity: 150 m3 of water (32,000 gallons) under optimal solar conditions of at least 4-6 hours per day
  • Optimal operating range/ copper density: 0.5 – 0.9 PPM
  • The anode can last from 2 to 4 summer seasons or a full year under normal conditions of use
  • Warranty: 2 years against manufacturing defects

Kit components

Ionizador solar para piscinas por ánodo de plata y cobre

  • 1 Base with solar panel
  • 1 Silver and copper electrode
  • 1 Stainless steel metal spring (attached to the equipment)
  • 1 Nylon filter basket
  • 1 Fastening bolt
  • 1 metal fiber brush
  • 1 user manual
  • 30 copper test strips in packaging


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