CDPK2 Non-Contact Digital Infrared Portable Thermometer

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Non-contact digital infrared thermometer with fever alarm function. It is CE certified. Ideal for all kinds of businesses or public places. Very comfortable and manageable, it is portable. Its accuracy is greater than 0.2ºC.

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CDPK2 Non-Contact Digital Infrared Portable Thermometer

  • Digital infrared thermometer
  • For all types of businesses or public areas
  • Non-contact thermometer
  • Fever alarm
  • CE Certified


  1. Non-contact temperature scanner. No need to use your hands, thus avoiding cross infections.
  2. Can be hung on the wall, placed on a table or used with a fixed stand (tripod).
  3. Advanced infrared technology for temperature measurement.
  4. Fast and accurate reading: new chip, faster detection time (0.1 s); the control rate per minute is greatly improved (50 people /min). Accuracy ± 0.2 ° C.
  5. Warning light when detection fails.
  6. Warning light for abnormal temperature.
  7. Can be connected to a USB power supply or used with its AAA battery.
  8. LCD display to show results.
  9. For use in offices, supermarkets, shops, shopping malls, cinemas, medical offices, hospitals, hairdressers, schools, sports centers, etc.

How it works CDPK2 Non-Contact Digital Infrared Portable Thermometer

Any object emits infrared radiation energy and its surface temperature directly determines radiation energy and wavelength. Based on this principle, this product incorporates a high-precision infrared sensor (specially used to detect the energy of infrared radiation emitted by the human body) with a wavelength of 5 – 14 µm.

Accurately measures body temperature using calculations and various offsets and corrections.

This product measures body temperature by collecting the infrared signature given by the forehead.

Easy to use, respecting all current health and social distancing guidelines.

Fast and accurate measurement. Measure temperature by simply standing in front of the device.

Its functionality and efficiency level make it ideal almost anywhere: Offices, supermarkets, shops, shopping centers, cinemas, medical offices, hospitals, hairdressers, schools, sports centers, etc.

Application range: body temperature is shown by measuring thermal radiation from the forehead.

Counter indications: none.

Technical features

  1. Accuracy: ± 0.2 °C (34 – 45) °C(place it in the operating environment 30 minutes before using it).
  2. Alarm type: Flashing + beeping «DEEDEE»
  3. Measuring distance: between 3cm and 8cm
  4. Monitor: Digital display
  5. Interface: USB Type-C port
  6. Power: 3 AAA batteries / USB 5V1A
  7. Mounting type: Place on desk, nail hook, fastening with stand
  8. Operating temperature: 10-40 °C (15-35 °C recommended)
  9. Measuring range: 0-50 °C
  10. Dimension: 2mm
  11. Net weight: 73g
  12. Power: DC 5V 500MA
  13. Counting capacity: 9999 times
  14. Temperature history: 30