Test & Drive Disposable Breathalyzer


The Test & Drive disposable breathalyzer is a highly reliable one-use breath tester that uses a sample of exhaled air to determine the alcohol concentration in blood with an accuracy exceeding 98%.

After blowing for approximately 10 seconds, the indicator substance reacts to the alcohol content in exhaled air, producing a change


in color from white to violet. Depending on the color hue, the result can be interpreted intuitively using a measurement scale, so the darker the result the higher the alcohol level.alcoholimero_testanddrive

Made in EuropeThe quality of this product has been accredited by the prestigious TÜV institution with reference 26100187.001 RWP, and has also been verified by TransCom – International Calibration Laboratory of breath analyzers with Test Report number:  3/12/2014alcoholimero_testanddrive




Please contact us for higher purchase volumes.

For orders of distributors or by volume, the product has packaging in packs of 30 units.

The Test & Drive disposable breathalyzer consists of a glass tube containing a reactive substance, absorption granules, an aluminum sheet, and two protector caps. As a whole, it can detect the alcohol concentration in blood in minimum units from 0.2% BAC, which entails an alcohol concentration in exhaled air of 0.1 mg/I.

This breathalyzer offers maximum reliability. It has been tested and certified by the prestigious organization TÜV Rheinland, headquartered in Cologne (Germany).

General characteristics:

  • Official certificates: EC, TransCom Certificate, TUV
  • Description of its components:

Glass tube
Plastic caps
Iodine crystals
Aluminum paper
Accuracy: > 98% (TUV CERTIFICATE)

  • Response time: < 2 minutes
  • Operating temperature: 0 – 40°C (heat the tube with your hands when you are below 0°C)
  • Storage temperature: 0 – 40°C
  • Measurements:

Individual breathalyzer: 1 cm x 9 cm
Blister: 5.5 cm x 1 cm x 14 cm

  • Weight:

Individual breathalyzer: 6 g
Pack with two units (including cardboard): 20 g

  • Uses:

Personal – It cannot be used as evidential proof.
Promotional campaigns.
Customizable product for large volumes.

Alcoholimetro Desechable de un solo uso Test and Drive

With the addition of this breathalyzer, we broaden our offer of personal breathalyzers to 3 models: the Test&Drive single-use breathalyzer with its new 30-unit POS display, the ZAPHIR 2500 breathalyzer and the YuBlow CDP 128 breathalyzer:

Alcoholímetros personales CDP


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