Electrochemical Sensor ALC Vending Maspoint CDP 3000/4000

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You can equip your ALC Vending MASPOINT with the latest technology and accuracy thanks to the incorporation of new electrochemical sensors like those used by the police force. You simply need to replace the complete mother board of your breath tester with the new electrochemical type and your unit will give results with a margin of error below 1%. This technology is especially suitable for places with smoke or with very heavily charged environments, which adversely affect traditional semiconductor sensors.

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The ALC Vending MASPOINT CDP 3000 assures a maximum guarantee of reliability thanks to its state-of-the-art new electrochemical sensor that may be re-calibrated . This sensor with Fuel Sensor technology is similar to those breath testers used by the police, and it guarantees optimal precision for your equipment.

We recommend replacing it or sending it to be gauged (only the fuel module, not the complete machine) once or twice a year depending on its use and installation site. Since it is a modular system, the sensor replacement process is very simple and can be done by any user. CDP offers calibration services with collection and delivery in a timeframe of 24-48 hours. Please inquire about the cost of this service.