Professional drug analyzer CDP WDTP-10

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With the portable ADR-WDTP10 drug analyzer you can automatically process saliva samples in a portable format with great autonomy, allowing more than 1000 tests without printing or 350 with the printing option.

It integrates a printer that allows you to obtain a ticket with the test results, date, time, etc. serving as evidential proof. It is also equipped with a GPS sensor to geolocate all the tests, and data connectivity via Wi-Fi and 3G.

Drug detection is fast, reliable, and intuitive using this device. The unit is equipped with OCR digital recognition technology and touch screen on a solid Linux type environment with memory that allows you to store up to 50,000 records.

The turnaround time for test results is less than 5 minutes.

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Professional drug Analyzer CDP WDTP-10

Main characteristics:

Manageable format for long-lasting portable use
Built on very stable Linux operating system
Intuitive use touch screen
Storage for up to 50.000 test records
Thermal printer/Bluetooth
2D barcode scanner
Connectivity Wi-Fi, 3G
Geo-Location of tests by GPS
Cartridges to detect up to 7 types of drugs with OCR reader:

Standard formats available:

A: THC 40 / OPI 20 / AMP 50
B: COC 20 / MET 50/ BZO 15
C: MTD 15
Other options:
A: THC 40 / OPI 20 / AMP 50
B: COC 20 / MET 50/ BZO 10
C: KET 50


  • CPU
ATMEL Sama 5D31 536Mhz
  • Screen
Touch screen 4.3″ (800X480)
  • Operating system
  • Dimensions
20.9 X 9 X 5.64 cm
  • Weight
443.80 gr (with thermal printer)
413.90 gr (without Bluetooth printer)
  • Battery
Lithium battery 7, 4V / 1800 mA
  • Battery life
350 test (with printing)
1.000 test (without printing)
  • Camera
130 megapixels
  • RAM
Flash memory 256Mb SDRAM 4Gb
  • Storage capacity
50,000 test records
  • Use temperature
-25 to 50º
  • Storage temperature
-25 to 70º
  • Barcode
  • CPS
  • Printer
Built-in thermal printer / external Bluetooth printer
  • Internet
Wi-Fi and  3G


·         AMP (Amphetamines)10
·         BZO (Benzodiazepines)5
·         BUP (Buprenorphine)20
·         COC (Cocaine)50
·         COT (Cotinine)20
·         EDDP (Metabolite of methadone)50
·         KET (Ketamine)12
·         THC (Metabolites)50
·         THC (Hashish, Marihuana)30
·         MTD (Methadone)50
·         MET (D-Methamphetamine)40
·         OPI (Opiates)40
·         OXY (Oxycodone)10
·         PCP (Phencyclidine)50
·         PPX (Prophylaxis)50
·         BAR (Barbiturate)50
·         MDMA (Éxtasis).50



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