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Ozone cleaning for your home How does it work?

Limpieza con ozono para el hogar ¿Cómo funciona?

This method of disinfection and sanitization is used in public and private spaces with high traffic, and it is increasingly used at home.

Covid has brought many changes to our lives, including the effort we have to make in the hygiene and ventilation of common areas to keep the virus at bay. In general, the population has reinforced both personal and domestic hygiene measures as a defense against possible infections.

Surely you have heard in recent times about ozone cleaning at home. We are going to explain its advantages, how much it can cost or what machines are required.

What is ozone cleaning?

Ozone cleaning, also called ozonation, is the process through which we can disinfect and remove dirt, bacteria, germs, etc., applying this product generated by specific machinery. It is achieved by releasing this powerful gas with oxidizing properties in the space to be cleaned, to trap any substance harmful to your health.

It is a cleaning method that, before the health crisis, was usually used for the cleaning and disinfection of schools, health centers, factories, hospitality sites, public or private areas with a lot of traffic or activities that require deep cleaning. Ozonation is also recommended in heavy cleanings (when a person dies in a home and the body has remained there for several days, etc.).

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the ozone cleaning method for homes is booming, due to its extraordinary qualities, low cost and proven effectiveness to eliminate germs, bacteria and pathogens of all kinds.

Ozone household cleaning: advantage

Some of the benefits of ozone cleaning of homes are:

  • Its versatility to apply in different spaces and surfaces of the home
  • Its effectiveness for the elimination of germs and bacteria
  • Elimination of unpleasant odors with great efficiency
  • Capacity to purify and sanitize air quality and reduce allergic symptoms
  • Proven effectiveness in improving water quality by removing its contaminants.
  • It also has great purifying properties for food, eliminating toxins, bacteria, germs and chemical fertilizers before consuming them and providing up to 30% greater durability of conservation.

In addition, ozone used for household cleaning is harmless to both people’s health and the planet. Because it ends up dividing and forming oxygen, it leaves no chemical residues harmful to the environment and entails no danger or consequence for the surfaces on which it is applied.

Limpieza con ozono para el hogar ¿Cómo funciona?

How much does ozone cleaning cost for a home

For home cleaning with ozone, it is best to produce it with a domestic ozonator easily and quickly on demand, since the ozonated water for disinfection must be used within a period of no more than 30 minutes since it is generated, before it loses its powerful sanitizing properties.

Cleansing with ozone in air is done by applying strong concentrations of gas with the rooms closed and empty, and the application of disinfectant ozonated water can be performed on any surface and with the same means that we usually use at home like: mop, dampened cloths, ozonated water spray etc.

Ozone cleaning machines

The ideal method is to use domestic ozonators such as the Ozonizer and dual purifier CDP-050, which offers the possibility of producing cold plasma to disinfect the air in a room, and ozone in both air and ozonated water for home cleaning.

The most common domestic ozone generators are those for air purification, which help eliminate unpleasant odors and purify poorly ventilated environments, or those for drinking water sterilization that have a proven effectiveness in total disinfection. In any case, for its application, it is always necessary to strictly follow the recommendations of the manufacturers.