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Breathalyzer with printer


breathalyzer with printer is a device that combines the functions of a breathalyzer, used to measure the alcohol level in a person’s breath, and a printer, which allows to generate a report or printed ticket with the results of the test.

The operation of a breathalyzer with printer is similar to that of a conventional breathalyzer. The device uses sensor technology to detect the alcohol content in a person’s breath. These sensors can be electrochemical or infrared-based, and their accuracy may vary depending on the model and quality of the device.

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ALCOLOCK interlock breathalyzer


ALCOLOCK interlock breathalyzer. Operation, mandatory use and legal responsibilities in case of accidents.

Driving under the influence of alcohol is still a serious problem in our country. The percentage of accidents is very high, both in professional and private drivers.

A daily average of 450 drivers under  the influence of alcohol and drugs have been detected. In the case of alcohol, professional drivers, motorcyclists and novel drivers accounted for 3.9% of the positives in the last campaign (with 18, 35 and 48 cases respectively) .

For this reason, a new technological solution has emerged: the ALCOLOCK breathalyzer. The purpose of this breathalyzer is to prevent people from driving if they exceed the maximum alcohol levels permitted.

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