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Ozone therapy for feet

Ozonoterapia para los pies

Ozone therapy is a medical technique that involves the application of a mixture of ozone and oxygen on your body for therapeutic purposes. This technique can be used to treat various conditions, including those affecting feet.

In the specific case of ozone therapy for feet, it is used to treat various conditions such as: diabetic foot,  plantar fasciitis, fungal infections and foot ulcers. Ozone has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce feet inflammation and pain.

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Application of ozone for laundry and domestic hygiene

Generador de Ozono para lavadora con difusor de agua ozonizada

Ozone is a gas that is often used as a disinfecting agent to purify air and disinfect water. Among other applications, it has been used in the laundry industry as an alternative to the use of detergents and other chemicals or for household hygiene and disinfection due to its disinfectant properties.

Ozone is able to eliminate bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microorganisms present on surfaces and in the air. Ozonated water can be used to clean floors, walls, tables, countertops and bathrooms. It can also be used to wash clothes and kitchen utensils.

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Use of ozonizers with cold plasma ionization for crops


The ozonator is a device that produces ozone, a gas used to eliminate or reduce the presence of bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microorganisms in the air and on surfaces. In crops, the ozonator can help reduce the presence of pathogens that can damage plants and affect the quality of the final product. In addition, ozone can also help reduce unwanted odors.

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Breathalyzer with printer


breathalyzer with printer is a device that combines the functions of a breathalyzer, used to measure the alcohol level in a person’s breath, and a printer, which allows to generate a report or printed ticket with the results of the test.

The operation of a breathalyzer with printer is similar to that of a conventional breathalyzer. The device uses sensor technology to detect the alcohol content in a person’s breath. These sensors can be electrochemical or infrared-based, and their accuracy may vary depending on the model and quality of the device.

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