Fast Screening CDP 7000 Breathalyzaer

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The Fast Screening CDP 7000 breathalyzer is our last development in portable breath testers for fast controls on the roadside or other circumstances. The main component in this device entails modern technology in a new and advanced electrochemical sensor by Fuel Cells.

With the highest quality standards:

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Fast Screening CDP 7000 Breathalyzaer

The Fast Screening CDP 7000 breath tester has a compact keyboard, with a very intuitive and user-friendly menu that allows precise and practical testing. With a color LCD screen that allows correct night and day vision. It includes an alarm light with powerful LEDs and a white light. It is light and its blowing orifice assures hygiene and easy testing. This breathalyzer is ideal to perform alcohol control tests on the roadside, at the start of a working day, or to avoid accidents and foster safe driving conditions.

Main features:

It allows performing breath tests with and without mouthpieces, since its design allows collecting a breath sample without requiring contact with the device. The breathalyzer is also compatible with standard mouthpieces used by law enforcement officers Spain.
It is also compatible with our universal mouthpieces, manufactured based on high density polypropylene and equipped with non-return system for greater safety and hygiene, avoiding the spread of diseases, etc.
It includes a function that verifies the calibration periods (recommended every 6 or 12 months).
Function to display the battery status in real time
Adjustable alarm level.
The electrochemical sensor module is interchangeable and can be calibrated.
Automatic shutdown function.

With the highest quality standards:

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Technical specifications:

Measurement range: 0~2.000mg/L(0~440mg/100ml)
Warm-up time: not necessary, immediate response.
Response time: < 1 second.
Continuous operating capacity: 1000 – 2000 tests (with full batteries)
Standard deviation: 0.008 mg/L.
Alarm level: adjustable in a wide range from 0.200 – 0.600 mg/L.
Blowing time configurable from 1-6 seconds
Response time: < 10 seconds.
Operating temperature: -10ºC – 50ºC
Storage temperature: -20ºC – 60ºC
Relative humidity: from 20 to  90%
Atmospheric pressure: from 700 to 1300 hPa.
It adopts an advanced technology of 16 bits of low MCU consumption.
Sensor by Fuel Cell that provides great reliability and precision.
LCD color screen for easy reading that shows results with 4 digits, and clear messages. Its back-up blue light allows night vision.
With warning light (red) and powerful white light.
Simple and intuitive operation.
Displays the date and actual temperature.
Two alarm levels: acoustic and visual.
Energy-saving function with automatic shutdown.
Measurement unit and alarm level may be adjusted by the user.
Short warm-up time. Quick and accurate responses.
Power through four batteries AA 1.5 V. Can also use 4 NI-CD rechargeable batteries when the voltage of 1.2 V
Dimensions: 284 mm * 69 mm * 74 mm
Weight: 400 g


CDP 7000 breathalyzer.
User guide.
Inspection and calibration report.



CDP has its own breathalyzer laboratory, offering qualified technical and after-sales support. This is essential when marketing these measuring devices that require periodic maintenance including certified calibrations, replacement of parts, repairs, and supplies especially certified for health and professional use. We have more than 20 years of experience, and we are one of the top companies in Europe in this field.


PDF-> Ficha Alcoholímetro CDP 7000 Fast Screening

PDF-> Las alcoholemias se vuelven masivas

PDF-> Certificado de Calibración CDP7000 FastScreening.pdf


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