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ALC Precision Advanced CDP 110 The new ALC PRECISION ADVANCED CDP 110 breath analyzer is more than 90% accurate, thanks to its sophisticated technology based on a Japanese gas semiconductor sensor. This state of the art sensor offers accurate measurements, as well as a long useful life without affecting precision characteristics.

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Test & Drive Disposable Breathalyzer - Pack 2 pcs Test & Drive is a disposable breathalyzer (one use only). With an accuracy that exceeds 98%, it was designed to measure alcohol concentration in a breath sample. After blowing, the indicator substance reacts to the alcohol content in exhaled air and the color changes from white to violet. The result is obtained by evaluating the color according to a...

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Digital Breath Analyzer Yublow CDP 128 The ALC Precision CDP 128 digital breath analyzer offers a precision level that exceeds 90%. Its advanced technology based on a gas semiconductor sensor is highly sensitive, guaranteeing a highly accurate measurement and durability. Blow into the mouthpiece and in less than 8 seconds you will be able to check your alcohol level on the illuminated digital...

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Breath Analyzer ALC Digital Zaphir CDP 2000 Precision exceeding 97% thanks to the use of sterilized mouthpieces that guarantee an accurate air sample and its advanced technology based on the exclusive NM Hot - Wire sensor.  In addition, the results may be viewed as alcohol concentration in blood (g/l) or in air (mg/l). With international metrological verification certificate SMQ with number:...

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Breath Analyzer Digital Zaphir CDP 3000 Zaphir CDP 3000 is an advanced portable breath alcohol tester. It includes a new high-tech electrochemical sensor for a more accurate alcohol concentration value, with strong anti-interference capacity. Its interface makes the operation more concise and convenient; the color LCD allows a clearer result. Moreover, its one use anti-return mouthpiece design...

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Ethylometer CDP 8100 with Optional Printer This alcohol tester of maximum reliability and precision is equipped with an advanced electrochemical sensor and has been expressly designed to carry out alcohol level tests on the roadside or to perform controls with multiple users - with a typical sensibility deviation not exceeding 0.6% of the value measured per month.

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Accuracy Verification Service Need to check if your breathalyzer is accurate and gives the correct values? Our technicians will assess the reliability of your breathalyzer by subjecting it to rigorous testing in our laboratory. Ask for more information of our verification service.

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Calibration Service CDP App-i/3000/3500/6000/8000 We recommend that you re-calibrate your unit once a year if you own one of the following breath testers: Alc Precision Zaphir CDP 3000, 3500, App-i, Alc Precision CDP 8000 Professional, or  Alcohol Breathalyzer CDP 6000. This will ensure the correct operation of your breath testing unit as well as higher accuray.

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Power Cable 2000/3000 Zaphir If you own a Zaphir breath tester and you need a power cable for the lighter, buy it through our web.

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Wireless Printer for the Breath Tester CDP 8100/8800 The Wireless printer for the Breath Tester CDP 8100 allows printing receipts remotely at a distance of up to 50 meters without cables. A single printer has the capacity to give service to more than 5 breath testers simultaneously, allowing to optimize the effectiveness and productivity of resources in a control process, especially on the road.

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Ethylometer CDP 8900 Evidential Police with Printer Device of maximum reliability and accuracy to carry out verification alcohol level tests. Designed to carry out tests at the roadside or to perform controls with multiple users in a quick and reliable way. It includes the latest technological advances such as built-in printer, OLED type touch screen, powerful control panel, integrated GPS (optional) that...

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Ethylometer CDP 8800 with Keyboard and optional Printer This exceptionally reliable breathalyzer is equipped with a precision electrochemical sensor and keypad for easy data entry. It has been especially designed to perform alcohol evidence tests on the roadside or to carry out multiple user controls with a typical sensitivity deviation of less than 0.6% of the value measured per month.

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Sterilized 100 Mouthpieces for the Breath Tester CDP 8900 If you have purchased or if you own a Breath Tester CDP 8900, you will need special mouthpieces. Our sterilized and reusable mouthpieces have been specially designed for a professional use since they incorporate an anti-return system that impedes saliva or other particles from reaching the sensor and deteriorating it, besides guaranteeing a hygienic use.

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Fast Screening CDP 7000 Breathalyzaer The Fast Screening CDP 7000 breathalyzer is our last development in portable breath testers for fast controls on the roadside or other circumstances. The main component in this device entails modern technology in a new and advanced electrochemical sensor by Fuel Cells.

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Coin-operated Blow & Go 4800 Breathalyzer The new Blow & Go CDP 4800coin breathalyzer has been designed for medium/high level restaurants. Its elegant design adapts to any establishment and its digital touch screen format provides clear and precise text messages without requiring audio. This breath tester has been equipped with a state-of-the-art electrochemical sensor similar to the one used...

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Coin-operated Blow & Go 4800 MULTIMEDIA breathalyzer The coin-operated Blow & Go 4800 Multimedia breathalyzer has been designed for medium/high level restaurants. Its elegant design adapts to any establishment. It has a digital touch screen that provides clear and precise text messages. This breath tester has been equipped with an electrochemical sensor similar to the one used by the police,...

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