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Parking Eye accessory for direct connection to the battery without jump limits


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Kit to connect to the vehicle's battery and have no jump limit (Optional)

Operation principle

Upon receiving the contact current, the DVR turns on automatically and starts recording the automatically. You can turn off the recording by pressing OK.

When you turn off the car, the DVR loses power. At this time, the DVR turns off and 30 seconds later it is armed, so it starts to perform the surveillance with the microwave sensor (if it is in ON) and the vibration sensor. When a sensor is triggered, the DVR will record a 360 ° video.

Conditions to trigger a recording

1)  30 to 45 seconds after turning off the car, the sensor or sensors are armed and ready to operate.

2) When motion is detected, the sensor is triggered immediately. If the movement is continuous, it can merge multiple videos

3) When there is movement close by, and the vibration sensor notes a vibration or the G sensor detects a violent hit, the system is triggered and begins recording.

Battery for surveillance

 When the car is off, the system is powered by the car battery. The system will turn off if the car battery decreases to a default charge value in order to protect it.


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