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The Kaza DT110 radar warning unit is a 100% legal driving assistance device. Thanks to the data base it incorporates, you can receive warnings about all types of fixed radars and possible mobile radars (according to statistics), in addition to dangerous road points and other traffic disturbances. It allows you to anticipate and check your speed or modify your route if there is an accident.

Even though it is the basic version, the Kaza DT110 unit is equipped with a software that allows you to enhance the device’s features, connecting with the LIVE community. With this connection, you will receive real-time warnings about radars, including the Pegasus, and the database updates will be automatic. To do this, you must purchase the DATA-MODEM power cable that allows connecting to the LIVE community when used with a data SIM card.

The Kaza DT110 radar warning unit has been equipped with the most modern top technology. It offers a reliable shield thanks to its high quality database. The database of this device may be updated later in a single step, by connecting the unit to a computer (with Windows operating system) at no cost.
You can subsequently enhance the unit’s features to receive automatic updates and connect with the LIVE community. The Kaza DT110 unit includes a firmware that allows these options, you only need the DATA-MODEM power cable. In this case, your device will become a Kaza DT110 LIVE radar warning unit.

General characteristics:

  • New screen with LED points.
  • Warning of all types of fixed radars guaranteed at great distances.
  • It allows an automatic connection via radio with the external antenna for mobile radar detection Kaza DT400.
  • Loaded with the most recent database in the market (with over 10 years of experience and contributions by thousands of users) that stores up to 200,000 positions and warns you in advance of:
    • Fixed radars
    • Tunnel radars
    • Variable speed fixed radars
    • Radars in traffic lights
    • Section control radars (optic)
    • Induction radars
    • Statistics of mobile radars.
    • Statistics of dangerous points, curves, crossings.
    • Statistics of alcohol level controls.
    • Others…
  • Guaranteed precision thanks to its advanced satellite technology.
  • Equipped with a state-of-the-art GPS chip of high sensitivity that doesn't require external antennas and may operate with athermal glass or with lead.
  • Up to 4 alert positions at the user’s convenience:
    • Detection mode only for fixed radars and dangerous points.
    • Only fixed radars.
    • Detection mode only for fixed radars and possible mobile radars.
    • All the alerts available (fixed, mobile, police controls, dangerous road points, etc.)
  • Clear and precise voice announcements in several languages at 500-800 meters from the control area.
  • Warning when you exceed the speed limit controlled by the radar.
  • It incorporates an on screen digital compass that informs you of the car’s current direction.
  • Simple database download and update using your PC and a simple USB cable without driver, since it is simply USB, and by means of a one-step update program.
  • It shows the actual speed of the vehicle by GPS.
  • It confirms the exact time.
  • It has cruising speed auto-limiter.
  • Warnings to take a rest after driving for some time.


  • Kaza DT110 warning unit.
  • 12V DC- 5V DC car power cable.
  • Magnet.
  • User's manual.
  • USB Cable for database update.
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