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Batman D2 Infrared Camera for Nature The Batman D2 infrared camera for nature (also called hunter camera or trail camera) is a monitoring device that is activated through a passive infrared sensor (known as PIR) in the event of sudden temperature changes in the environment caused by the movement of prey in a specific area. The camera takes pictures or makes videos automatically. Among...

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Alertacam 3G Total Security Alarm with Images Is the latest development in the popular Alertacam A1 and B2 models. It is a TOTAL security device that works like an alarm with detection technology comprised of PIR and image sending via mobile network (2G/3G). With intelligent motion detection algorithm that determines patented, no false alarms, motion detection by optical and PIR sensors. Now with a...

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Hunting 3G camera with Image sending The hunting 3G camera allows you to create an effective surveillance system that works autonomously, both indoors and outdoors, allowing you to detect animals and people. Its powerful PIR sensor takes high-resolution photos that will reach your mobile phone via Email or MMS via 3G. In addition, these photos and videos with audio can be stored on the SD...

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Alarm Kit with photodetector ALERTACAM CDP HM800 With the complete ALERTACAM alarm kit with photodetectors, siren and magnetic sensor you can easily install a complete and secure security system on your property. This innovative alarm allows you to install up to 3 photodetectors (wireless and battery powered) against the same SIM card connected to the host control panel. The KIT comes pre-installed so...

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