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IP Camera with alarm and Videoconferencing ALERTACAM Family P2P WiFi New video communication and surveillance system for your home – totally revolutionary and new in Spain. Call from your mobile with video call for FREE, via WiFi or 3G, and establish direct and personal video-communication with the person who answers or see what happens around the camera wherever you have it installed. Ideal to communicate “live” with...

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Hidden Camera IP Wi-Fi P2P HD PIR sensor This IP hidden camera, with a very discreet and innovative design, allows surveillance applications anywhere. It can be managed from a simple App from any Smartphone or Tablet. The camera’s system allows a connection via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. It records in HD with a resolution of up to 1280 x 720 pixels in real time (1-30 fps). In addition, it incorporates a...

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CDP-BC1 Battery IP Camera with Wi-Fi and PIR sensor The WiFi IP Camera CDP-T7 with PIR sensor has been built with a discreet and compact design, and can be manage with a simple APP from a Smartphone or tablet. It will help you control the security of your home or business, since it has advanced functions as the PIR sensor of motion detection and a wide-angle lens so that no detail escapes to your vision....

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Camara IP Wifi CDP-PT10 Motorizada con sensor PIR Motorized camera with horizontal rotary movement of 355 °, and vertical of 110 °. 3D panoramic navigation. Motion detection PIR sensor eliminating false alarms. High performance 2.0Mp sensor and processor. Two-way audio. 6mm Fisheye lens. TF card storage (Max.128G). Plug & Play installation P2P technology. Night vision with a range of 10 m. Management...

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CDP 960 Wireless IP Camera with Wi-Fi and PIR sensor The CDP 960 IP camera allows you to carry out surveillance tasks. Its installation is simple and wireless, and its high definition (HD) recording will help you meet all security needs in your home or business, both indoors and outdoors. It allows Wi-Fi access and has a PIR motion sensor to minimize false alarms. In addition, if you use the camera with a...

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CDP-BC1 Battery IP Camera with Wi-Fi and PIR sensor The IP Camera Alertacam CDP-BC1 allows to carry out surveillance tasks with maximum efficiency. Its installation is simple and without cables, which together with its recording in high definition (HD) will help you cover your security needs in the home or business, mainly oriented to use indoors or in covered outdoor areas. It allows WiFi connection and...

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Outdoor IP Rotary Camera ALERTACAM CDP 28 The new outdoor IP  rotary camera ALERTACAM CDP-28 has been designed using "PLUG & PLAY"  technology (You plug and go!) That means you can easily install in your home or business network without the need for complex configurations our routers setups. In addition, as the name implies, it can be moved remotely "pan / tilt. with large angles of vision...

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