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Counterfeit Bill Detector and Counter CDP 5500 Euro The DP5500 Euro counterfeit bill detector and counter allows you to count Euro bills accurately. It is equipped with an advanced recognition system to identify banknotes and detects counterfeit bills. This model allows you to count and detect Euro banknotes at high speed, up to 1000 bills/min. It also has wide screen that provides reports by value, number...

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Counterfeit bill detector and value counter DP 6500E Innovative intelligent bill value counter with digital processing technology that offers accuracy and high performance. Ideal to count and detect Euro bills, US dollars, British pounds, etc. Its structure has been scientifically designed to offer the highest detection capacity level and guarantee maximum precision. It has a wide screen with a report by...

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DP7100E / 3DVD Counterfeit Bill Detector and Counter Counterfeit bill detector and banknote value counter that includes the most innovative digital technology for a high performance and optimal reliability. Its design, structure, and capacities have been studied scientifically and its capacity to detect counterfeit banknotes is exceptional. In addition, this machine can differentiate and count bills by...

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