Breath Analyzer ALC Zaphir CDP 2000 + 25 Mouthpieces + Cable


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Purchase your ZAPHIR breathalyzer pack with all its accessories so you can use it at any time and share it with friends and family.

Precision exceeding 97% thanks to the use of sterilized mouthpieces that guarantee an accurate air sample and its advanced technology based on the exclusive NM Hot - Wire sensor. In addition, the results may be viewed as alcohol concentration in blood (g/l) or in air (mg/l).

With international metrological verification certificate SMQ with number: 096301183. (LAB: ISO / IEC 17025 by CNAS).

The Pack contains Breath Analyzer ALC Precision Zaphir CDP 2000 + 25 Mouthpieces + Power Cable.

General Characteristics:

  • Personal use digital breath tester.
  • Very quick, intuitive and easy to use, only one button.
  • Portable, compact, light and ergonomic.
  • It incorporates the latest technological advances that allow greater accuracy for home use or professional users.
  • 97% superior reliability thanks to its exclusive NM Hot - Wiretype sensor and to the use of sterilized mouthpieces that guarantee an accurate air sample.
  • It sends out different audio and digital messages:

State of the batteries.
Blowing intervals and phases.
Calibration process, etc.

  • The results may be shown in 2 formats:

Alcohol concentration in blood (g/l).
Alcohol concentration in exhaled air (mg/l).

  • It offers a connection to a 12VDC external power source.
  • This exclusive product is subjected to rigorous verification tests prior to its sale.
  • It incorporates an intelligent energy saving system.
  • Complies with EC regulations.
  • It holds the following certifications: EN 61000-6-3: 2001 & EN 61000-6-1: 2001.
  • Interesting product for promotional campaigns. Company logos may be printed on the unit as required.
  • It may be re-gauged.

Technical Specifications:

  • Sensor type: NM Hot - Wire.
  • Measurement range: 0.00 - 2.00 g/L.
  • Alarm level: 0.5 g/L.
  • Response time: <  5 sec.
  • Warm-up time: <  30 sec.
  • Consumption: AD 4.5V (3AAA) Batteries.
  • Operation temperature: -10º - 50ºC.
  • Relative humidity: < 95%.
  • Screen: 3 digits with blue background light.
  • Useful life of the batteries: > 200 tests.
  • Size: 100x60x20 mm.
  • Weight: 50 grams


  • Zaphir breath tester.
  • A practical velvet storage case.
  • 25 sterilized mouthpieces.
  • Power Cable


7 valoraciones de clientes, certificadas mediante: - 203
Opinión enviada por Francisco el día 11-01-2018
Después de probarlo confirmo que es perfecto. - 203
Opinión enviada por Juan jose el día 05-04-2017
Es de esperar que me sirva y que no lo tenga que usar mucho - 203
Opinión enviada por Eduardo el día 10-01-2017
La relación calidad-precio es alta. Se trata denun alcoholímetro ideal para las necesidades de un usuario particular - 203
Opinión enviada por Rubén el día 24-05-2016
Ok Todo bien - 203
Opinión enviada por Guillermo el día 15-03-2016
util - 203
Opinión enviada por Enric el día 22-01-2016
muy bien presentado y conforme a lo publicitado. - 203
Opinión enviada por Daniel el día 05-10-2015
El producto se corresponde exactamente con lo que adquirimos en la página web, al probarlo nos pareció fiable

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