Alcohol Breathalyzers 

The breathalyzer (or breath analyzer) is a very practical device that serves as an instrument of personal self-diagnosis to control your alcohol level. It is for all those persons who wish to make a wise decision regarding their alcohol intake, as well as drivers who seek to prevent accidents or tickets related to excessive alcohol intake while driving.

Subcategorias / Subcategories

Personal Breathalyzers

The CDP Breathalyzers for personal use are very easy to use. Portable, lightweight, ergonomic and highly reliable with tested sensibility. They have been subjected to strict verification tests before their sale, and they comply with all EC regulations.

Professional, Evidential and Industrial Breathalyzers

Equipped with electrochemical sensors that provide maximum benefits regarding reliability and robustness. They’re also easy to use. Some models offer the possibility of incorporating printers or keyboards to input test data.

Public Use Vending Breathalyzers

The family of coin-operated "BLOW & GO" Breathalyzers is designed for hotels, restaurants, car parks and shopping centers. With state-of-the-art electrochemical sensors similar to those used by the police. Perfectly calibrated using modern technical means.

Breathalyzer Accessories

The best accessories for CDP breathalyzers. With these accessories you increase the useful life of the products and the quality of their performance.

Calibration and Verification Service

We offer a service of calibration and verification of breathalyzers, which includes the collection and delivery of the device at home. To ensure proper operation of the breathalyzer and its accuracy breathalyzer tests is high, it is recommended recalibration once a year.

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