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Euro Coins Sorter CDP 3700 The CDP 3700 coin sorter is a product specifically designed to classify Euro coins according to their values. It will allow you to save time on coin counting tasks, as well as manipulate coins more easily. The coins are stored in tubes, which may be subsequently packaged in blister packs, paper, etc. This coin sorter is very useful in establishments where...

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Euro Sorter and Counter CDP 9000 The CDP 9000 coin sorter and counter is a professional model especially designed to count, classify, and store euro coins at high speed and with complete accuracy. Very useful in retail shops where a lot of cash is regularly handled. Its strength and high quality materials will aid you in your daily tasks.

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CDP 318 Precision & Endurance Coin Sorter and Counter With the CDP318 Precision & Endurance Coin Sorter and Counter, manufactured with internal metal components of maximum strength, you can count and sort coins accurately and quickly. This machine is perfect for complete cash control tasks, including counting and sorting. The counting function will indicate the number of coins, as well as their value by...

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EC2850 High Speed Coin Counter Let your EC2850 coin counter do the heavy work! Remarkable machine that quickly counts coins of the same denomination. Valid for all round coins in the world. It is not recommended to classify coins, but if you mix coins in the chute, you may classify coins of the same denomination by adjusting the classification diameter to the size of the coin required.

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Coin Counter and Sorter CDP 9908 Speed The coin counter and sorter CDP 9908 Speed is a professional model that allows counting coins at high speed, between 700 and 900 coins per minute. In addition, it classifies and stores coins according to their value, separating them into 8 boxes. The hopper has a capacity for 1300 coins, so it is ideal for banks, hotel businesses, casinos and other...

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CDP098 Coin Sorter and Counter Professional digital coin sorter and counter. Very fast (more than 1000 coins per minute), with a strong and compact structure that allows a useful life of up to 20 years at full performance and under normal operating conditions. Its large deposit structure with capacity for nearly 15,000 coins make it ideal for use in banks, the hospitality sector,...

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CDP 1800 Coin Counter and Sorter with detection and printer With the CDP 1800 coin counter, you can count and sort coins at high speed. It also includes a coin detection function for coins that do not correspond with the denomination being counted. You can also save and print the results of the coins counted.

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