Cartucho portamonedas Thecointainer 10 céntimos
Cartucho portamonedas Thecointainer 10 céntimos
Cartucho portamonedas Thecointainer 10 céntimos

Thecointainer Coin Cases 10 cent.

7,65 6,32 without vat

Travel light but tight, it makes cents !

  • Reliable counting, save handling times, fast checking, lower costs, ergonomic, flexible and strong, greater legibility and excellent presentation, totally recyclable (PET) and recycled raw material
  • coin per blister : 40
  • blisters per box : 100
  • total number of coins to pack : 4.000

How to use the coin pack Thecointainer

Reusable several times: Don’t throw away thecointainer™ when it is empty! It remains perfectly presentable and strong enough for several further uses.

Double closing system = double life.

Save handling times: Clear marking and safe counting: thecointainer™ is a productivity tool. Real time savings in handling and transport.

Scheme of the features of the coin pack Thecointainer

Safe counting as a priority.

Reliable counting : Thanks to the 5-coin compartments – no more counting errors. Impossible to put too many coins in the pack, whatever the country of origin of the coins.

Fast checking : With thecointainer™, you can instantly see if a coin pack is full or not. This precise count makes weighing and/or automatic counting unnecessary.

Instant recognition : Longitudinal marking complies with the European colour code for coin packaging. Indicates the unit face value, the number of coins and the total value in the pack.

Euro calibration : The differences in calibration of coins from different countries have been taken into account at the design stage of thecointainer™ coin packs.