Sanitary Straws for Vending Blow&Go 4500 Breathalyzer – 10x Pack 500 Units

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The straws for sanitary use are 220 mm long x 8 mm in diameter. They are compatible with the Blow&Go 4500 vending breathalyzer.

The use of straws for vending breathalyzers allows easy movement through the conduit, thereby preventing possible jams and testing errors or problems with the machine.

This pack is comprised of 5,000 straws (10 bags of 500 PCs / bag).

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These sterile straws for sanitary use in vending or coin-operated breathalyzers are compatible with the Blow & Go 4500 Breathalyzer.

The dimensions of the straws are 220 mm long x 8 mm in diameter, allowing an optimal blowing volume when performing a breathalyzer test. In addition, the straws slide smoothly through the conduit without causing jams in the breathalyzer.

The material used for them is polypropylene.

The pack is comprised of 10 bags of 500 units per bag, i.e. 5,000 straws in total.