Pack Detector de sueño y distracciones CDP330A con sensor GPS
Pack Detector de sueño y distracciones CDP330A con sensor GPS

Pack CDP330A Sleep and Distractions Detector with GPS sensor

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This advanced digital sleep and distractions detector can prevent serious accidents while driving.

The device constantly monitors all the facial gestures of a person. It detects complex facial recognition algorithms when signs of tiredness, sleepiness or distractions are produced, even with the use of sunglasses or during nighttime.

Its operation is very simple and effective, immediately detecting any signs of danger. It warns you through powerful beeps and LED flashes.

With this real-time driving monitoring system, you can prevent serious traffic accidents that affect more than 6% of all automobile accidents.

This detector is particularly suitable for all kinds of drivers, especially people with a high exposure to fatigue or distractions while driving.

Pack CDP330A Sleep and Distractions Detector with GPS sensor

With the GPS accessory, it is possible to achieve a more accurate and professional performance, minimizing potential false warnings when driving in the city since the device variably adapts to the vehicle’s speed.


  • Intelligent algorithm of image monitoring.
  • Intuitive system of intelligent recognition that contrasts with other similar recognition systems such as LDWS, accessories based on sensor-G, etc.
  • Detection and warning of sleepiness, fatigue, negligence and distraction while driving.
  • Cognitive operating scenario for early alerts via LEDs and speaker indications.
  • High-power infrared LED lights available at night and in tunnels.
  • Elimination of irregular reflexes due to sunlight, using special filters.
  • Detection / distinction of glasses and sunglasses (excluding mirror and safety glasses).
  • Sensitivity setting in 3 easy steps.
  • Silence and volume control in 3 easy steps.
  • Enhancements and new features available through Firmware update download via USB micro-connector.
  • It works with both DC12V / 24V, suitable for any vehicle.
  • Unique support for installation and easy adjustment.
  • Supports several USB accessories (warning and vibration LED lights, etc.)
  • Inter-operability with external devices, such as car navigators and dashboard security cameras, etc. (optional).
  • Connection with an external GSP (optional).


  • Micro BGA with ARM9 SoC
  • ¼ inch lens
  • CMOS image processor
  • Interface with external I/O and USB (UVC)
  • Invisible infrared LED
  • Operations status LED (in red/blue/green)
  • Micro speaker (min. 90dB)
  • Voice IC for various warning sounds, and pre-recorded announcements
  • Circuit protection against overvoltage surges, reverse voltage and noise wave minimization
  • Maximum power consumption 2.5W
  • Approved by KC/FCC/CE and in compliance with RoHS
  • Physical dimensions 92 X 24 X 46 mm
  • Net weight 80g (including support)
  • Input voltage DC 12/24V
  • Optimal operating temperature between -20º and ~70º