DrugSIP Disposable Drug Test for saliva

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With the disposable saliva drug test, you will know in a simple and fast way if the person undergoing the test has consumed any drugs in the last hours.

The test procedure is very simple, just insert a cotton swab in the mouth to collect a saliva sample and then place it on the buffer. Thanks to the solution it contains and its reaction, the legend will determine if the test is positive or negative.

Ideal for quick diagnostics in detox centers, health centers, by security forces, or for personal use, since it is not is necessary to send the sample to a lab to know the results, simply wait a few minutes.

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DrugSIP Disposable Drug Test for saliva

General features

  • You can perform the test with the diagnosis card or cassette, which contains immunoreactivity strips and the base with antibodies conjugated with colloidal gold in the vial with the buffer.
  • Thanks to the legend included, you can automatically and manually identify the results.
  • Hygienic use, non-invasive, without requiring the use of protective gloves.
  • Analysis of 6 different types of drugs:

AMP (amphetamines)
COC (cocaine)
MET (methamphetamines)
OPI (opiates)
PCP (phencyclidine, ketamine)
THC (cannabis)

  • Cut-off points:

AMP: 50ng/ml
COC: 20ng/ml
MET: 35ng/ml
OPI: 20ng/ml
PCP: 10ng/ml
THC: 20ng/ml

  • Detection of other drugs such as:

MDMA/Ecstasy (MET window)
6MAM/Heroine (OPI window)

  • QR code for Analyzer reading, including:

Cassette type (urine or saliva)
Batch number
Times of pre-incubation and incubation
Specific thresholds of the batch

  • To determine if the test result is correct, there are 2 control lines that indicate that the procedure is correct.
  • The plastic vial (buffer) contains a dilution liquid, base with reactive chamber, and incubation card.
  • The card where we will view the results has 2 membranous strips that contain antibodies.
  • To increase the sensitivity of the test, outside the strip there are THC/cannabis antibodies.
  • Using the cotton swab, collect the saliva sample. There is a physical indicator of saturation which shows the amount of saliva required to process the test
  • CE and IVD certificates, healthcare product according to the AEMPS (Spanish Agency of Medicinal Products and Medical Devices).


  • 1 cotton swab to collect the sample.
  • 1 legend card.