Customized Alcohol Solution for Breathalyzer Calibrations 1000ml

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178NF Universal mouthpieces are characterized by being multi-diameter, thus adapting to virtually all breathalyzers in the market. These mouthpieces are sterilized and incorporate an anti-return system, specially designed for professional use, preventing saliva or other particles from reaching the sensor and damaging it, in addition to allowing a hygienic and sanitary use.

The pack contains 2x 25 mouthpieces.

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Customized Alcohol Solution for Breathalyzer Calibrations 1000ml



The solution is formulated following the highest quality standards, using type I water and USP ethyl alcohol. The contents are diluted in distilled water in a 1000 ml container. This procedure creates a precise alcohol solution for the verification and calibration of breathalyzers by obtaining a sample of wet gas in air.


Solutions are tailor-made for calibrations with wet gas simulators with desired readings.

Request information for other concentrations available.

Technical specifications:

Capacity: 1000 ml/ ø internal mouth 86 mm / ø body 103 mm