• Alertacam Family
    New video communication and surveillance system for your home – totally revolutionary and new in Spain. Call from your mobile with video call for FREE, via WiFi or 3G, and establish direct and personal video-communication with the person who answer
  • Android CDP & Kaza Smart Phones
    The new ANDROID TV BOX KIT you will transform your TV into a complete and powerful SMART TV with all the possibilities that enables ANDROID
  • Radar detectors and warning units
    May be adapted to the regulations in each country. The new KAZA DT 380
  • Accessories for the automobile
    Hands-free, solar-powered multifunctional and multipoint Bluetooth speakerphone
  • Alertacam Alarm Systems
    Alarm system for indoors use, compact and economic with alarm verification by image, call and SMS. NO monthly FEES!
  • CDP Cash Control
    Counterfeit bill detector and value counter DP 6500E. Innovative intelligent bill value counter with digital processing technology that offers accuracy and high performance
  • Accessories for the automobile
    DVR ALERTACAR CDP AR-100 HIGH RESOLUTION Recording System. With the ALERTACAR HIGH RESOLUTION “while driving” recording system, you can film all journeys from the inside of your vehicle
  • Alcohol Breathalyzers
    Breath Analyzer Zaphir CDP 3000 Breathalyzer. Zaphir CDP 3000 is an advanced portable breath alcohol tester
  • Alcohol Breathalyzers
    FAST SCREENING CDP 7000 BREATHALYZER. The Fast Screening CDP 7000 breathalyzer is our last development in portable breath testers for fast controls on the roadside or other circumstances